Sunday, May 20, 2012

Horse Mount

I'm close to finishing a small 12 x 12 painting for a group exhibit with the beinArt International Surreal Art Collective, at Last Rites Gallery in New York.  The theme of the show is "Taboo."

The challenge for this piece is the relationship between the human and horse.  I had to improvise, using my mini model skeleton and my "visible horse" as well as images from the web.  I was able to rig up my mini model skeleton, which was critical because of the extreme foreshortening of the rib cage. 

All that remains is to add more mid tones and highlights to the lower extremities of the human, and the forelegs of the horse, and clean up the landscape and horse rib cage.

I had a great weekend.  Electric Works had a booth at the ArtPad SF artfair at the Phoenix Hotel, and sold two of my paintings very early during the VIP preview.  The buyer is Chris Vroom, of ArtSpace, a major and well known on line art marketing platform.  The two paintings sold were Chimpbrain and The Falconer - I will miss the Falconer.  I got attached to it, and just finished it a couple of weeks ago.

Once I finish the small painting for the Beinart exhibit, I have to start packing and prepare to move studios.   I will be moving to a closer, more convenient location at 9th and Mission, under the roof of Electric Works.  There will be the Electric Works gallery, and behind it, several artist studios.