Friday, October 23, 2009

New teensy paintings finished

Just finished final details yesterday afternoon. I'll show these during Open Studios, though they are still tacky. I'll set them on the easel. Several of these little guys are inspired by famous rockers: Pete Townsend, Eddie Van Halen and Axl Rose.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tiny skeleton rockers

I saw some itty bitty paintings over at Anna Conti's home, sitting on her mantel; one was a beautiful Chester Arnold portrait, and another was a little landscape by Anna. They were both like little gems sitting up there, and I got the itch to do some tiny paintings. I don't even know why I decided to do musicians and rockers. Below is a little prep drawing inspired by Van Halen, and then a painting in process of Peter Townsend. The little Van halen will be 6 x 6 and the little Pete will be 7 x 5. I also have a little skeleton inspired by Axl Rose, a sax player, and a violinist.

The little guitar player painting below still needs highlights on the hands, and details like the pickups and frets on the guitar (Les Paul sunburst - love the colors)

I'll be showing at least three of these at Open Studios next weekend. I'm going to try to get all 5 done by Wednesday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

SF Open Studios Weekend 1

Had a great time this weekend going to Open Studios in the Mission District. Friday night, I went with my friends Diane and Cassie, from Phoenix. We hit 1890 Bryant Street for their opening reception. Highlights included Aubrey Rhodes, whose paintings are a complex, (and successfully done) intertwining layering of words and figures.

Other studios we hit and enjoyed at 1890 Bryant included Diane Olivier (amazing landscapes in pastel and figure drawings), and Cynthia Tom (surrealism).

Saturday, I tagged along with artist Anna Conti, photographers David Sumner and Marianna Whang to Project Artaud, Developing Environments, and Cellspace. Highlights included Victor Cartegena, Shawn Harris, Dale Erickson, and Bernie Rauch. I also got a studio tour of Anna Conti's workspace, and a preview of a piece she is working on for the Seventh Seal series. Wonderful suspense, beautiful color in her narrative paintings.

Rather than go into detail about what we saw, here is a link to Bay Area Artquake, where Anna will post about the highlights of Open Studios.

Link to Anna Conti's site:

Photos: Top: Cellspace
2nd: Dale Erickson in his studio
3rd: Sandy and Aubrey Rhodes

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What if there isn't a model around

Today was one of those days when I wished I had the woman (Lilla Kat) who modeled for me available. In the original reference photo, Lilla's left foot is in an awkward position. I wish I had caught this while she was in the studio for the photo shoot.

I tried drawing a modified repositioned foot without using a reference, but it didn't look believable. So I shut the studio door, set up the mirror, and drew my own leg and foot. Not as elegant as the original model's, but served the purpose. Is that why many artists keep a mirror in their studio?

The other challenge with this painting is to capture the delicate subtle shades of Lilla's skin. She has to be one of the fairest figures I've ever painted.

Anyway, I'm on the downhill slope and will be able to finish this painting soon! I only need to add in the skeleton's two arms. His arms have to go in last because they are in front of Lilla.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Studio Visit

Started the weekend off well. Friday morning, Anna Conti and her friend Marianna Whang came for a studio visit. I showed them some of my recent BDSM skeletons, as well as clay sculpture chimps for an upcoming piece that I only have sketched out. Then we had lunch, and a lively political discussion. I tagged along with them to SF MOMA, and Anna and I checked out the Postwar Japan photo exhibit - quite interesting. I got to hang out with Anna and a group of artist friends on the SFMOMA rooftop sculpture garden. Ended the afternoon by going to Ritch St. where there were some food vendors- actually quite good.

Saturday, worked on Death and the Maiden. Went through a frustrating phase, where the proportion of the legs and feet didn't look right. But late that evening it all seemed to fall in place. The reference photo of the model is OK, but the model's left foot is in an awkward position. I ended up sketching my own foot on Sunday, but hopefully no one will notice .

Sunday afternoon, I went to check out the Open Studios SOMART exhibit - all the Open Studios artists have a sample small piece. Finished out the afternoon and evening working on the second Dom and lease painting - all that is left now is to put in some highlights on the hands, and touch it up a bit.