Monday, October 12, 2009

SF Open Studios Weekend 1

Had a great time this weekend going to Open Studios in the Mission District. Friday night, I went with my friends Diane and Cassie, from Phoenix. We hit 1890 Bryant Street for their opening reception. Highlights included Aubrey Rhodes, whose paintings are a complex, (and successfully done) intertwining layering of words and figures.

Other studios we hit and enjoyed at 1890 Bryant included Diane Olivier (amazing landscapes in pastel and figure drawings), and Cynthia Tom (surrealism).

Saturday, I tagged along with artist Anna Conti, photographers David Sumner and Marianna Whang to Project Artaud, Developing Environments, and Cellspace. Highlights included Victor Cartegena, Shawn Harris, Dale Erickson, and Bernie Rauch. I also got a studio tour of Anna Conti's workspace, and a preview of a piece she is working on for the Seventh Seal series. Wonderful suspense, beautiful color in her narrative paintings.

Rather than go into detail about what we saw, here is a link to Bay Area Artquake, where Anna will post about the highlights of Open Studios.

Link to Anna Conti's site:

Photos: Top: Cellspace
2nd: Dale Erickson in his studio
3rd: Sandy and Aubrey Rhodes

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