Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've been doing 6 days a week at the studio. I've got five paintings in fairly advanced states. Skeletons have been blocked in, backgrounds almost completed, and three of the five human figures blocked in. The backgrounds are in some cases very involved. One includes a Persian rug, several include curtains. I added a cage to one of the paintings. These backgrounds all added quite a bit of time but I think the work was worth it. The paintings have a rich, perhaps baroque look.

I'm a little worried because I got a jury notice, for August 3rd. I've already served on juries for two cases, so I feel like I've already done my civic duty.

As the days get shorter, I'll need to get my lights installed. Right now, I only need one halogen light to paint because the natural light in the studio is so good. I bought some track lights that mount sideways on a wall, so that I don't need a 10 foot ladder to adjust the lights (the ceilings in my studio are quite high)

I'll have pictures of the paintings in progress posted later this week.

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