Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weekend

I had quite a busy weekend. It started with a bang on Friday afternoon when i meet up with artist friends at our weekly Artist Roundtable, led by Anna Conti. We met up at the Columbarium, with the intention of drawing, but were unable to stay due to a service. We headed to Clement Street, and had coffee and then a great dinner at Burma Superstar. We then headed to the deYoung, which is the happening place on that end of town. There was a live jazz band, really hot, the Marcus Shelby Quartet. Plus there was a program of street art, with some disguised street artists making a presentation in the auditorium.

I had to make a difficult choice, and decided to sketch the musicians. There is something energizing about the gestures of the figures, the forms of the instruments and just the beat that makes it a fun pursuit. Afterwards, as I was wandering around looking for my friends, the band's manager, and radio personality, Donald Lacy, tracked me down and asked to see the drawings. He then asked me to stay until the end of the program to meet the band and Marcus Shelby. I ended up giving the drawings of Marcus to him. I kept the sketch of the drummer (above). Anna Conti got a good snapshot in of me with the band.

Saturday, I moved stuff from the storage unit to the new studio, which absorbed extra stuff with no problem. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon photographing the fetal skull so that I can begin painting the new dancing conjoined twins. Above is one of the reference photos. (The gray blog on the side of the skull is just a kneaded eraser - I used it to prop the skull so it looks tipped to one side)

Sunday was another art day. I went over to the Studio Gallery for the opening reception. My friend Anna Conti had a couple of awesome pieces in the show, which was quite good. Then several of us strolled down Van Ness - got ensnared at Utrechts Art Supply (of course) and then checked out the new bronze Buddha sculpture at Civic Center.


  1. I tried to stop you but the call of art supplies was too loud. Besides, I was not getting ANY moral support from the rest of the group as they made a bee line into the store. hehehehe! But I also had a great time - it was a wonderful day.

  2. Hey Sandy, thanks for the mention. When you write it all out like that it does sound exhausting, doesn't it? But I was there for most of it, and it was actually energizing.

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