Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life returning to normal, sort of

Getting ready for the 4 Squared Exhibit has been a challenge, but it's actually going better than I had hoped. I was able to develop ideas for 16 little 6 x 6 paintings in a week, and after about three weeks, I have finished 12 paintings. Two are almost done, and two remain with just the backgrounds in. Hopefully I will be totally done with painting these by early next week.

So today, I finally took a day off from the studio. (partly due to a migraine and to take my cat to the vet).

Despite the time pressure, this project has been alot of fun. Combining creatures that are compatible colorwise, as well as matching up creatures that could both exist in a similar environment, was a mental challenge. For example, I combined an antelope head on an ostrich. To me, this made sense. I found an antelope with a similar color scheme to a male ostrich. They both are plains animals, and I think this helps create a kind of believability to the creature.

I might end up making larger works based on the ideas developed for these little paintings.

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