Monday, September 13, 2010

Life Drawing

Drawing is like playing a musical instrument... it takes lots and lots of practice, and if you don't do it, you can get rusty very quickly. I try to go to life drawing at least twice a week. On Mondays I go to Noe Valley - 23rd Street Studio. This is really a top notch session, with good lighting, good models, and the host Michael Markowitz serves tea and pastry during the long break. On Tuesday evenings, I go to the Odd Fellows building, hosted by Richard Perri.

At the studio, I'm working on the last set of BDSM skeleton paintings. I'm working on the backgrounds, which for me is tedious but critical stage of the painting process. I'm hoping to get into the more fun part of the process later this week when I can start putting in the skeletons and figures.

Above: 25 minute pose 9-7-2010
7 minute pose 9-13-2010

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