Sunday, April 24, 2011

LIzardbrain #3

I've been working long hours to try to have one or two brand new paintings ready for the exhibit "Spectacular Beasts" which opens May 6 at the Incline Gallery in San Francisco. It is going to be very tight to try to complete Lizardbrain #3 in time, but I really like how the painting looks so far. As usual, while painting I found that the perspective was a little bit off in the preparatory drawing, so today I spent several hours making corrections to the cutaway section of the skull. But it was worth making the correction. I'm sure only a trained eye would have noticed the error, but I knew it would bother me forever if I didn't fix it.

I'm on the last part of the painting. The lizards have been blocked in, and now I'm putting the scales in. The final stage will be adding the brightest scales over the layer that I'm putting in right now. The lizards appear dark right now, as this is the underlying layer. The higher value paint will make the scales stand out.

I got quite a bit done last week to get ready for the show: framed 3 drawings and 2 giclee prints, drafted an e mail announcing the show for folks on my mailing list, and developed / submitted a list of works for the show with pricing. I have two other new paintings that would have perfect for this exhibit, but they are still at the gallery in Santa Monica - unfortunately, the timing was just a little too tight to have them shipped in time.

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