Sunday, September 18, 2011

Underwater Creatures

I've started the next project, which is a skull with mutant deep sea creatures exploding out of a hole. In ancient times, trepanation, or cutting a hole in the skull, was used to release evil spirits. In conjunction with the painting, which will be 24 x 18, I'm doing small 5 x 7 studies of the critters so I can work out difficult items like wings, scales, etc.

I did a painting of a skull with deep sea creatures in its head several years ago, but the painting was not successful. The head was supposed to be like an aquarium, but getting the effect of glass was difficult and didn't work. However, the painting, which I kept, has been helpful for this new project.

I have the final drawing done, and two of the critters fairly well developed, and four others that are blocked in with body color. The background on the large painting is done, but I need to paint in the skull before I add the creatures.

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