Sunday, April 19, 2009

Broken Mac

Don’t ever spill water on a Mac.  In a moment of klutziness, i spilled a couple of tablespoons of water on my keyboard.  This caused several keys to freeze up.  Amazingly, I was still able to use all the graphics programs like Photoshop and Poser with no problem.  But I was unable to write e mail or type anything with the letters “h” “u”  “y” etc.  So I finally got it fixed, and I feel like a renewed person.

The BDSM skeleton project is moving along nicely - I’ve been able to recruit some amazing models.  Kurt, who posed for several of the skeleton BDSM scenes, looked like a perfect handsome demon - so I had him pose as one of Dante’s (Dore’s) minons, leaning on a sword.  

I have two models coming in next week, and will also begin setting up the skeleton to photograph reference photos.   I did a “practice run” to see how difficult it is to dress him up.  Not bad, except that he cannot wear pants and stand up (the rod that keeps him standing upright goes right up his ass, so he will not be able to wear pants and stand up on his stand)

In between all of this, I’ve been working on final details on the Diomedes painting, and have begun studies for a painting of a chimpanzee mob.  I already sculpted two little fierce chimps to use as a reference for perspective, composition and lighting. 

As part of my research, I watched this program called “Escape to Chimp Eden.”  The fighting, mobbing, and bickering in which chimps are constantly engaged is a bit scary, especially when I think about how similar our DNA is.    And in studying their anatomy, they are identical muscle for muscle with us.  The only difference is in the hip, neck and head.  The arm muscles are so similar (just the proportions differ) that I am able to use a human anatomy book to determine position of major muscles in a chimp.  it only convinces me even more that there is a large component of animal in us. 

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