Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Hardworking Guy

Above is the man of our household, Fredrick.  He is a beautiful cast of a male skeleton.  He stays relatively still for poses, and he is featured in a number of my paintings.  Today, he posed for a study of a woman and skeleton embracing.

The entire series of graphite studies are now almost finished, and I'm ready to get photos done of live models.  I’ve been asking all my friends about finding models.  I met one very cool guy who is game to pose, and so i still need to locate maybe one more male model and a female model, all show are willing to be in BDSM scenarios.  I may end up posting to a site called FetLife.  

I also measure Fredrick for his BDSM closting - both male and female dominants.  Next week, we are going to go pick up a full sized ladder so that I can pose Fredrick properly by tieing his limbs to the rafters with fishing line and tacks.

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