Thursday, November 5, 2009

Armature for Lizards

The first half of my day was not fun... worked for a few hours at the Bank, doing some contract work. Then I headed to Pearl Art Supply and bought some modeling clay.... only problem is that it was so heavy to lug that to the studio in my backpack!

I made the armatures for two monitor lizards. They will be mating, inset inside a human skull cut away from the side. A continuation of the idea started with "The Lizard Part of My Brain " painting.

The armature, though simple, must capture the essence of the gesture of the lizard. I might still move it and bend it around somewhat, but I want to have the basic gesture captured from the start. In the photo above, you can see the aluminum wire armature from above. It's covered with masking tape to help keep the clay from sliding around when it is applied.

I made the female lizard a little smaller. Tomorrow I'll start adding the clay. Then, this weekend, I hope to shoot some reference photos of all these reference models so i can begin painting. So here is my queue of projects/ideas that have reached a more tangible state (preliminary drawings done or thumbnail sketches, reference models sculpted, etc):
Fighting chimps (anatomical) series
5 more BDSM skeleton/submissive paintings
Lizards mating inside a skull
Snake hunting inset in skull
Barbie mythology - mermaids

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