Saturday, March 6, 2010

Base Layer on Skull

Another busy week. I've been asked to serve on a committee to organize for Spring Open Studios. I finished (I think for good) my temp job at the Bank, so I don't have to worry about the pesky day job anymore!

I was asked to participate in ArtSpan's Tour des Artistes. This is a limo guided tour to several artists studios. Unlike Open Studios, when an artist generally spiffs up the studio for a larger numbers of guests, this is more intimate, and the goal is to see studios in their working state. I've been putting in the hours to get several paintings to an advanced state in anticipation of the event.

I had been contemplating getting some better track lighting put up to illuminate the walls (and works). I have wall mounted lights which are great for lighting the work area/easel, but these are no good for lighting works on the wall. The Tour des Artistes, and upcoming Spring Open Studios, gave me the incentive to go ahead and put in tracks for lighting the wall.

Today, made some good progress on getting the base layer done on the skull/lizard.

P.S. the SF Giants item hanging behind the painting in the photo above is a freebie apron that Jude got for me at the ballpark. I am not a Giants fan.

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