Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life drawing and Artist Roundtable

Had a wonderful Friday. Spent Friday morning painting, working on an anatomical chimp, inspired by Vesalius. This is the first of three small canvases I'm working on. There is still some work needed, such as reflective glare highlighted on the muscles, more lights in some of the cartilage, and light tones and florals in the plant life around the figure.

Everytime I look at chimp anatomy, I marvel at how similar their structures are compared to humans. And yet they are so aggressive, often nasty, with male dominated social structures. They make war on other chimp tribes, murder and have other nasty behaviors. When humans exhibit their best behaviors and best nature, we are clearly a big improvement over chimps - but when we lapse into our dark side, I can see our chimp brain emerging.

In the afternoon, headed over for an "Artist Roundtable" get together at Muddy's on Valencia and 16th. We had coffee, and headed over to Intersection for the Arts (exhibit of Margaret Harrison) and Art Zone. I had to really appreciate Harrison's rather unconventional paintings of sexed up comic superheroes, and her great use of watercolor. But I also had to recognize there is a fine line between making a serious statement with art, versus sheer sensationalism. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this exhibit. Art Zone had just wonderful blasts of color, and looking at the art here is best described as eye candy.

Anna, Marianna, Teresa and I then headed over to Mission Cultural Center for life drawing, where we had an amazing model. I was a bit rusty, since I hadn't been able to attend a session for the last couple of weeks.

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