Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to the Lizards

I spent the last couple of weeks working on my anatomical chimps, as well as some studies of dancing conjoined twins.

Today I finally got back to the lizards, and got some midtones and darks put in.

Even more exciting: a large space became available in the studio building, just down the hall from me. Looks like I'll be moving my stuff down the hall next week after Spring Open Studios. The extra space will allow me to more easily work with prop set ups, as well as bring in a larger table for drawing. I'll be able to bring all my stuff that is now in a small storage space. This space is actually a bit bigger, and much better configured, than the space I had at Belcher Street. And the light will be better than the current space that I have, which gets very intense sun in the afternoon. The new space gets a much softer light, and will be more consistent and easier to work with.


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